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Frank Panis is the new Commercial Director Belgium

“Harmony is also going to conquer the Belgian market.”


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Harmony has been the leading specialist in insurance for consumer electronics in the Netherlands for over 20 years. With more than 1.5 million insured phones, tablets, laptops and other products, the insurer is the market leader. With the arrival of retail addict Frank Panis as the new Commercial Director, Harmony aims to give its expansion in Belgium a substantial boost. Four questions for Frank Panis about his move to Harmony.

Who is Frank Panis?

“Your move from Buy Way to Harmony can be described as a bit of a controversial transfer in the retail world. Before we get into that, briefly tell us more about yourself.”

“I’m Frank Panis, 38 years old. I live together with my partner and am the father of four children. I hail from Limburg. Belgian Limburg, of course.

And I’m a real retail addict/retail lover, if I do say so myself. A love of retail runs in my blood. After 16 years at Buy Way, it was time for me to take the next step in my career. I am very grateful to Buy Way for the opportunities they have given me, from District Manager to Key Account Manager to Sales & Key Account Manager.

In the end I was leading a team of seven District Managers in Belgium and Luxembourg. And then Harmony came along ….”


“The retail market is changing incredibly quickly, so it’s crucial to remain flexible and customerfocused. That’s exactly what Harmony does.”


Why is Frank Panis a perfect match for Harmony?

“Good question. The answer is actually quite simple. Harmony’s and Buy Way’s goals are very similar. Both have an extensive custom-made service as an added value. The aim is to offer added value to partners in terms of margin development, customer satisfaction and customer retention. And that in the most sustainable way.”

“I also strongly believe in the strategy in place for conquering the market in Belgium. Obviously, that starts with operating close to the customer and therefore opening a Harmony office in Belgium, supported by a dedicated sales team and back office.”

“Other identifiable keywords are: a strong partnership with the retailers, strong support in their go-to-market plan (with advice and products), a custom-made product portfolio, commissions, clear agreements based on trust and aiming for a long-term relationship. I think the latter is very important since the retail market is changing incredibly quickly. It’s crucial to remain flexible and customer-focused. And that’s exactly what Harmony does and wants to continue doing.

An added bonus, of course, is also the possibility of being entrepreneurial within the company at Harmony. I feel a high degree of freedom in achieving shared goals, and that’s what makes the job so exciting and attractive.”


“The retail market is changing incredibly quickly, so it’s crucial to remain flexible and customerfocused. That’s exactly what Harmony does.”


What does Frank Panis think of the current retail world?

“It’s a small world that continues to fascinate me every day. Retail has to adapt to new market developments, trends or events like no other market. Consider things like the massive rise of digitisation and online shopping or dealing with sustainability issues. It’s a market that expects you to have tremendous adaptability, because there are opportunities in the areas where the market is changing.”

Is Harmony Belgium with Frank Panis ready for the future?

Yes, together with our current and future partnerships Harmony should become the go-to locally embedded insurance partner for retailers. I can’t reveal our full future plans yet, but I can give a hint now. We are going to further diversify our current services.

We are also going to focus on both intermediaries and the products themselves, for example. There will also be a broader product portfolio, including insurance products for gaming and small and large household appliances alongside smartphones, multimedia and IT. I am convinced that our commitment, quality and innovation will make us very successful.”


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