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Amac and Harmony introduce new proposition

Continuing of successful collaboration

Amac and Harmony are expanding their partnership. The agreement came into effect recently. The two parties are also introducing a new proposition to the market together.

‘Why worry?’

Harmony has been an insurance specialist for consumer electronics, for both retail and the business market, for over 20 years. Harmony understands the needs of the market thanks to its retail background and offers its business partners flexibility and co-creation. Its strength lies in customised concepts in line with the mission, vision and values of partners and their clients.

Characteristic elements in the portfolio include, amongst others, coaching, L&D support, and implementation of fully automated processes for claims handling. Harmony developed the tools for that itself — digitally, therefore as sustainable as possible.

And now that consumers can no longer live without their devices, Harmony’s strategy entitled ‘Why worry?’ is more relevant than ever. Harmony and Amac are taking on the challenge of unburdening clients, keeping them connected, and offering them a premium service.

New proposition in collaboration with Amac

A new product has been developed for the partnership with Amac. It is distinctive thanks to maximum flexibility for consumers: no minimum term, so clients can leave whenever they want. And thanks to global coverage for damage and theft and the high standard of service, they can rely on premium quality and first-class service for the whole duration of the insurance policy. What’s more, the rates are appropriate and there will be a specific product for AirPods. And the innovative proposition encompasses the whole ecosystem of Apple products, from iPhones and MacBooks to iMacs.

The ones at the heart of the matter agree

Jef Van Herck of Harmony: “Not only does the partnership with Amac provide a solution for retail, but for business users and educational institutions too. With a focus on online processes, we are working on achieving shared objectives together. The commitment of L&D and sales coaches will deliver an important contribution to that. Amac and Harmony are a good match in terms of culture and retail DNA. We both put the client first and look forward to continuing the partnership in the coming years.”

With 50 stores, Amac is the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Europe. “Consumers want more and more flexibility, the same applies when it comes to insuring their Apple products”, says Amac CEO Ed Bindels. “Apple is a premium brand, so they always expect a high standard of service. We can keep offering that in the coming years through the combination of Amac Services and the partnership with Harmony.”

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